Getting started with Tution.com.pk is same for students and tutors. First, register with any of your social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+). Once registered, you will have a basic profile page on Tuition.com.pk which you can either use to start posting your tutoring jobs or, build it further to become a tutor.

Editing Your Profile

Editing profile is simple. Using our state of the art profile building tools, you can add your personal details such as profile picture, city, phone number, email address and linked accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+).

Note that this information helps students contact you right away. Make sure all this information is properly updated.

Meanwhile, you can add as many subjects and topics that you are interested in tutoring.


How many subjects can I tutor?

As many subjects as you can tutor.
Whatever you can teach and students want to learn. Doesn’t matter if you are interested in giving private music lessons or aerobic classes every morning, not to mention standard academic classes, here you will find students interested in every subject. Just find relevant jobs and start tutoring them.

How will I know if a student wants me to tutor them?

There are no bars and barriers from our side. When a student is interested in hiring you as a tutor, he can connect with you using every means that you’ve shared including email, phone call, Skype or even social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+).

Do you have any tips for getting more students?

Every detail matters.
1- Make sure you profile is completely filled out. Having a completed profile gives students more information on reasons why they should hire you.
2- List all the subjects and topics you are qualified to tutor. Example: English, American History, Prose
3- Don’t forget to ask students leave ratings and reviews on your profile. The better the ratings/reviews the more the chances of being hired again.
4- Consider being more competitive with your tutoring rates.

How can I find potential students?

Tuition.com.pk is designed to pair students with tutors in a seamless fashion. Once you have created a Tutor profile with tuition.com.pk and listed your subjects that you are interested in tutoring, potential students are then able to find your profile using Find Tutors section, or search feature. While at the same time, as a tutor, you can also search students through Find Work section, where students have posted different tutoring jobs. You can filter the results using Category and City as well.


How do I hire a tutor?

Go to Find Tutors section and browse through the list of tutors. You can filter the profiles using Category/City as well.

What subjects are there tutors for?

Name it, there are tutors for every subject, every exam and every training.
Need a tutor for organic chemistry or even pre-calculus or even SAT, GAT or NTS? Here you will find all brains. Once you find your tutor, you can schedule your study timings, leave your ratings and reviews. Nevertheless, posting a job is another way to find tutors. Go to Post a Job and create a job post with the relevant details and your requirements.

Is hiring a tutor expensive?

Tuition.com.pk does not set tutors’ fee. Every tutor has his own tutoring fee. Contact with your favorite tutors and see where you both can settle down.

Do I need an account to post a job?

Yes, you need a basic profile to post a job, with your basic profile details. Using these details, Tutors would reach you accordingly and offer their tutoring services.

How do I post a review for my tutor?

That’s simple. Go to the Tutor’s profile that you want to rate and review. At the top right section of the profile, you will see the stars. Rate there

Can I tutor as well?

Naturally yes. A man learns while he teaches.
Build your basic profile by adding the subjects you want to tutor. For further help, see Tutors section above.