Ahmad Hafiz Farooq Ahmad
Teacher of Arabic Language and Quran Kareem
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About me

Hello everyone, I'm Ahmad Hafiz. I was born and grew up in Makkah in Saudi Arabia, I memorised the holy Quran by heart and completed my high school equivalent FS.C that's all in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.
Now I am in Bahawalpur in Pakistan, I want to help (by online apps) anyone who wants to learn Arabic or Quran e kareem. I know four languages: 1. Arabic
2. Urdu
4. Turkish
And one local language: Siraiki.
I speak Arabic better than other languages ​​because I lived and grew up in Mecca.
The fees will be according to the time you want: 1. Half an hour a day : 5000 rupees per month.
2. One hour a day: 10 thousand rupees per month.
And if you are good in Arabic and want to improve your language by speaking only, The fees will be 5 thousands rupees per hour.
Thank you

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