Minahil Khan
Female English Tutor from International School
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About me

Hi everyone! I'm a female English Tutor available only in DHA, Lahore. 1st Grade – 8th Grade English Tutoring. Parents must advise on curriculum and tutoring will occur accordingly. Rates can be discussed privately. I am very fluent in English (studied in international schools abroad all my life). Currently on a gap year before university, so I can provide tutoring at any time as long as commuting to DHA is possible. I finished high school and received the International Baccalaureate Diploma (with Higher Level English, History and Biology). If you require further information, please contact me as I would love to teach your children! I have a great American accent, I love communicating with children and really understanding how they learn best. Although I am not a graduate of university yet, I will be studying English Language & Linguistics and English Communications in the UK. I have a huge passion for English and can take on any assignment thrown at me! I teach at the student's pace, keep communication up with parents and make sure I give 110% of my attention to each child.

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